Visa Consultants

We provide fully managed service for arranging all Business / Tourist visas for any country on complete proper & original documents. We understand that every country has a different process,fees structures and requirements and hence we provide flexible solutions for arrangements. Our specialization remains for USA, UK & CANADA visas along with all the other major countries.

Passport Assistance

Our company assists in all kinds of work related to passports like Issuance of new passport, Renewal of Passport, Change of Address, Change of Name, Tatkaal Passport issuance.


Our company assists you in Buying and Selling of all Foreign Currencies possible like US Dollars, GBP (Pounds), Euros, etc... Also Travelers Cheques / Currency cards can be purchased.

Exchange rates are indicative and are subject to change at the time of actual transaction
* Rates of all Foreign Currencies available just at a phone call.
* Competitive Rates available.

Travel Insurance

Don't let the unexpected ruin your plans and budget. Protect your trip with a travel insurance policy from Aquarius Tours N Travels. Our policy covers your travel investment if you get sick or if any unforeseen accident or mishap occurs,if your bags get delayed and much more.

Our company issues Overseas travel insurance policies for reliable Insurance Companies like Bajaj-Allianz & National Insurance.