Coorg Wilderness Resort

Suite Categories

1. Grove View Suite

Exquisitely Victorian in style with plush spacious interiors, these suites are reminiscent of elegant European chalets tucked away in the midst of dense woods while offering rare views of untamed wilderness. With large bay windows and private balconies that bring nature right to you, each room is non-air conditioned and cosily warmed with traditionally designed electric fireplaces and stylish bathrooms with thoughtfully heated floors. Thus ensuring that lingering touch of comfort and luxury while offering a memorable holiday experience of opulent eco-friendliness. ROOM SIZE: 1350 sq.ft.

2. Valley View Suite

These elegant European styled suites with regal spacious interiors, have been thoughtfully crafted to transport you to a luxurious age reminiscent of palatial chalets tucked away in lush wilderness. The large bay windows and private balconies ensure nature embraces you gently yet in all its glory. Perched atop natural slopes, these suites present incredible views of the famed evergreen hills and undulating valleys of Coorg which can even be enjoyed as you laze in the bathtub of stylish bathrooms that merely accentuate the cozy yet grandiose ambience. Air-conditioning is not required throughout the resort and during the gentle monsoons and light winters, each suite brims with warmth from its traditionally designed electric fireplaces. The classic bathrooms also have thoughtfully heated floors, thus ensuring that extra lingering touch of comfort and luxury. ROOM SIZE: 1350 sq. ft.


Package Inclusion for Coorg Wilderness Resort

* 2 Nights at the Grove Suite
* All Meals Included (Breakfast Lunch and Dinner)
* Adventure And Fun: If adventure is what you seek then we have just what you want! Treks, rock climbing, zipline rides and much more!
* Guide Service: Personal guides regale tales of yesteryears as they escort you to popular spots, ensuring your visit is truly memorable.
* Concierge Services: Systematic and efficient, we ensure your every need is taken care of.

Cost of the package: INR 62,720